A Memoir of Overcoming Essential Tremor


This website is NOT for health personnel.
I would like to share the information not as a pharmacist but as an ex-patient of essential tremor (ET).
So please refer to wikipedia and other website.

The following would be the brief explanations for ET;

Shaking movement without a known cause.
Stress worsens the symptoms.
Symptomatic treatment with medicines is the only choice except for brain surgery.
Basically, it doesn’t go into remission.

Although once I believed the above through my five years medication, now I believe some of you can overcome the disease.
Of course I don’t recommend that you discontinue medication without doctor’s supervision because medication is the best treatment.

However, I do hope my experience can help those who can’t take medicines anymore for some reasons and are thinking to give up their lives.
Please note that you take full responsibility for your actions when you try anything introduced on this website.