A Memoir of Overcoming Essential Tremor


Due to physical and mental stress, I developed essential tremor (ET) when I was 21 years old and a junior at university.

I was exhausted by early-morning workouts at my athletic club and by staying up late for experiments and writing assignments.
One day, I had uncontrolled shaking movement at the half-time of a game I played after only six hours of sleep in three days.

The next day, I had an evaluation by a neurologist and knew I developed ET which could only be treated with palliative care.
ET may have been caused not only by physical stress but also by psychological stress due to ill at ease with a senior in the club.

Anybody can tremble from the strain.
However, there is something wrong if tremor is caused by trivial activities, grows in frequency, and interferes with your daily life.

I had never experienced any severe illness until then.
This was the turning point in my life since I couldn't live without medicines.