A Memoir of Overcoming Essential Tremor


The following medical institutions were where I visited;

#. Department of neurology at three different clinics
#. Department of neurosurgery at a university hospital
#. A local general hospital

Although I went to several doctors to get second opinions, nothing changed.

I had a bit unique symptoms.
Fingers’ trembling occurred as my minor symptoms.
As they worsened, trembling spread to the entire body and caused convulsions.
I ended up felling down.

The doctors said, "You seem to have essential tremor.
However, as I have no precedent that patients with ET have convulsions, it’s difficult to provide you with a clear diagnosis."

As there was a possibility of epilepsy, I had to undergo lots of checkups at the university hospital.
Through the cursory examinations, I was finally diagnosed as ET.

#. Surface electromyography
Recorded waveform by causing minor forced seizures.

#. Electroencephalogram
Slightly strong waveform was partially generated at usual status.
Considerably strong waveform was partially generated at the onset of an attack.

#. Blood test
No particular

#. Videography
Essential tremor gradually caused strong attack and ended up having seizure.

#. Professor of department of neurosurgery checked the videography and gave me the following comment.

I can’t exactly tell you what’s going on to you since I’ve never seen this case before.
It doesn’t seems that you have epilepsy.
At the light attack, the pathological condition is as same as ET.
Fatigue or stress causes the attack, which is quite similar to the disease.
It’s the first case that the patient comes down with the attack and has epilepsy if the attack worsens.
Honestly, I don’t know what to do and can’t identify the disease.
Why don’t we wait and see with Almarl if it alleviates the symptoms?

The professor didn’t change the therapeutic approach for ET.
Nothing changed in spite of the expensive transportation cost, in addition to being tired of having induced seizures.
Therefore, I quit going to the university hospital and started visiting a nearby clinic.