A Memoir of Overcoming Essential Tremor


Medicines that I had to take gradually increased because I was going through a lot of stress for longer period of time in my job.
Finally, these stress caused sleep deprivation, which resulted in higher rate of seizures.

#. Early phase;
Arotinolol 20 mg/day

#. Middle phase;
Arotinolol 30 mg/day
Tizanidine 3 mg/day

#. Final phase;
Arotinolol 30 mg/day
Tizanidine 6 mg/day
Diazepam 1 mg/day
Zolpidem 10 mg/day

Currently, there should be various generic drugs available.
The following are common names and their original drugs;

I personally recommend that you choose original drugs for long-term use since they have abundant evidences.
Ternelin was prescribed for relieving muscle tones.
Cercine was for easing stress, and Myslee was for insomnia.

Beta-agonist is associated with making tremor more likely, which is often used for bronchial asthma for which Hokunalin (tulobuterol) tape is a major prescription drug.
Patients with asthma are often forced to discontinue the drug because it can cause tremor as its side effect.
Xanthine such as Theo-Dur, Theolong (theophylline) can be prescribed for these patients. However, they need to be careful because there is a possibility to trigger tremor or seizure.
Caffeine like tea and coffee could lead to these symptoms as same as Xanthine does.