A Memoir of Overcoming Essential Tremor

6.Physical constitution improvement

If patients struggle with essential tremor, doctors will never recommend drug withdrawal.
It goes without saying that doctors proceed with treatment following the guideline.
There is no way to conquer the disease by oneself which has no good evidence.
If this attempt produces serious symptoms and causes your work to suffer, drug withdrawing leads to risky behavior.

As this approach actually caused my work to suffer, I needed to find a new job.
Anyway, I had no choice but to quit medicines.

Without my friends’ advice, I would never thought of solving this problem on my own.

Please keep in mind drug withdrawal is so straining that you can’t try in in a half-hearted attitude.

The following are examples of what I tried.
Note that they are all irregular.

1.Remind myself constantly that drug withdrawal is perfectly acceptable.
2.Get into shape and build strong muscle.(Tired fingers were one of the causes for onset.)
3.Never try what I feel stressed.
4.Become insensitive to frustrating matters in the world.
5.Avoid working at what I am bad at and concentrate on what I am good at.
6.Take a deep breath to steady myself when I feel nervous.
7.Avoid any fights.
8.Drug-free and supplement-free
9.Take a rest soon after predicting seizure.
10.Get plenty of sleep.
11.Change environment.
12.Live in an open and spacious room.
13.Stay away from caffeine.
14.Refrain from driving or cycling.

The first month after drug withdrawal was really tough times for me.
I needed to leave the office only in half a day due to hand shaking.
I even risked my life to cut vegetables with a knife at home.
Sudden withdrawal made my eyes have ruptured vessels and sore, and quickened my pulse.
These symptoms subsided after two month and prior warning of tremor almost disappeared after three month.

After four months, I thought I got cured because no more medicines were necessary.
When I think back, there were two most important attempts to overcome the disease.
1.Reminded myself constantly that I had never had essential tremor and my hands had never shaken before.
2.Took rest as soon as tremor was about to occur.

Tried not to develop seizure and made myself believe that I had never experienced tremor.

Except for medicines, I believe any products that are described to heal ET sound like a lie to me.
They have no proven benefit. If they do, they should already be approved as medicines.

Of course, it is fortunate if you can cure the disease with placebo effect.
However, if so, you can also cure yourself by controlling your mind like me.
You don’t have to waste money on these illogical merchandise.
Such products which identify themselves effective are provided by the companies which always ignore the Pharmaceutical Law.

I basically don’t recommend any goods that exploit your weakness.