A Memoir of Overcoming Essential Tremor

8.Change of mind

Once, I posted my experience on an SNS community site.
Many of the members seemed to show off how many medicines were added by their doctors recently.
It looked so negative and self-flagellating that I immediately deleted the post.

When I was at medical front, there were not so many patients who tried really hard to improve the illness.
Those who could improve their health and lifestyle experienced symptom improvement and left medical agencies.
On the other hand, those who just remained with the status quo or those who had already been in chronic situation usually kept visiting the office.
Therefore, it should be no surprise.

However, when I was taking medicines, I neither believed I got cured nor interested in healing it.
Only after being forced to withdraw drugs, I could give full attention to my disease.

In my experience, there are almost always two different types of pharmacists;
1.Those who want to use medicines only when they are absolutely necessary.
2.Those who want to have them as long as they have effects.

I used to be the latter but now not.
Medicine is “Kusuri” in Japanese, which becomes “Risuku” -Risk- when you read them backward.

Coping effectively with them is important.