A Memoir of Overcoming Essential Tremor

About me

I received a diagnosis of essential tremor at the age of 21 in the spring, which was caused by physical and mental stress.

It began after I was getting more and more tired.
One day, when playing rugby, I suddenly quivered uncontrollably.
Since then, I had tremor when using fingers like holding a pen or chopsticks.
The more I got nervous, the more tremor got worse.
The tremor started from fingers and ended up whole-body seizure if I forgot to take medicines.
Due to doctors, this symptom was a bit rare.

Several doctors including university hospital only introduced symptomatic treatments by medication to me.

At the age of 26 in the autumn, I had complete atrioventricular block as an adverse effect of Arotinolol which was my main medicine for treatment.

I overcame essential tremor by drug withdrawal and life improvement and haven’t had ET since then.